Quartet Ltd T&C’s and Payment Terms


PAYMENT BY QUARTET LTD (by all means and of whatsoever nature)

(1)Please note that Quartet Limited aspires to pay an invoice (that is due and payable) within 30 days of receipt of invoice.  If your invoice has not been paid within that 30-day time frame, please feel free to chase Quartet Limited.

(2)All fees and all charges (of whatsoever nature) and all interest charges (of whatsoever nature and whatsoever amount) must be fair and reasonable and rational.  No unfair or excessive or usurious interest may be charged.

(3)Please note that the Terms and Conditions of Quartet Limited are payment within 60 days, with late interest payment commencing after the 60 days and not before, of a maximum of 5% p.a. simple interest and all fees and charges must be fair, reasonable and rational. The Contractor must at all times act in good faith towards the Customer.

(4)Any cheque or payment that is made in error (in whole or in part) is null and void and must be corrected and correction includes forthwith repayment of any over-payment.  If the payee detects an error the payee must inform us (the payor).  The objective is to correct errors within the above stated time frame.

(5)If the Contractor starts work / and or supplies goods and/or services to Quartet Limited, the Contractor will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this letter.

(6)Further details of the Quartet Limited Terms and Conditions are available on the OHL Limited website (please see www.ohllimited.co.uk) and via any relevant specific Contract.

(7)Either party can terminate by written notice this Contract/these arrangements at any time, including by Service of standard written notice and by Email and by Fax.

(8)These Terms and Conditions at all times predominate and take precedence.  Thus, these Terms and Conditions override and render null and void any conflicting Terms and Conditions that may be attached to a fee and/or invoice by a billing party.  Moreover, no lien of any kind may be attached to papers and work of any kind by a billing party or unpaid contractor.

Registered Office: Merchant House, Back Street, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1HS

Registered Number: 32597