Welcome to the OHL Limited website. We invite you to inspect the properties we have available to rent. Most of the properties are on the Ashton Estate (near Oundle, in East Northamptonshire).

The Ashton Estate is renowned for its natural beauty and interesting buildings. Ashton itself is a picturesque village of predominantly thatched stone built cottages in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside.

In terms of layout, most rental properties are located either in Ashton Village, or at the other end of the Estate, in Ashton Wold.

The beautiful Lady Rothschild Dairy can be found at the top end of the estate surrounded by woodlands and meadows. The Lady Rothschild Dairy is comprised of three luxury holiday lets. Have a look at our website for more information www.ashtonestatecountryholidays.co.uk

There are also, scattered around the farm , a number of more isolated properties. The significant number of buildings reflects the history of the Estate - in its heyday, Ashton was a thriving largely self sufficient community (a "Model Farm Settlement"). The community was sustainable with regard to most aspects of day to day life with the exception (allegedly!) of funding which was externally provided by the mercantile family who created the Model Farm! Quite remarkably, the buildings that comprised the original Model Farm are largely intact although many now enjoy different roles.

The Estate was built at the turn of the 19th century. The Ashton Estate also includes a working farm that specializes in growing wheat. These lakes are artificial constructs created in the Edwardian era.

The fishing enthusiast may enjoy the tranquil River Nene which borders the Estate. Tenants may fish from the banks of the land belonging to the Estate. (You are required to obtain a rod licence to fish the River Nene and at present tenants enjoy free fishing.)

Ashton is situated near to the charming market town of Oundle and is within a circa fifteen minute drive from the A1 & A14 trunk roads. It is a short distance from Peterborough, Stamford, Corby and Kettering. Northampton and Cambridge are also within easy driving distance. Commuting to London from Peterborough or Kettering can be under one hour by rail. A passenger rail service from Corby has recently been proposed. CLICK HERE FOR MULTIMAP.

OHL Limited are mere advisors to the landowner / landowners and have no authority legally to bind the landowner / landowners to any contract or to any agreement of any kind.



 a)       Access to the public is not permitted, and is by    written invitation only

 b)       Thus access requires written authority (or authority by fax)

 c)       Persons entering without written notice will be charged a fee of £1, 000 (one thousand pounds) per 24 hour day or any part of a 24 hour day plus all reasonable fees, costs and expenses including all legal fees. Interest on all sums due and payable shall be at a rate of 8% p.a (eight per cent per annum), compounded at quarterly rests.

 d)       As is typical of many Country Estates, there are many and varied hazards including lakes, rivers, roads, woods, a Rifle Range and field sports.

 e)       The only exceptions in terms of access is of course in terms of Public Rights of Way, of which we believe there are two in the area of the Estate managed by OHL Limited.



The Ashton Estate includes a large number of rental properties, including many houses. At present we are nearly full: however people often leave (of their own accord!), and at any one time there are usually around five to ten vacant houses and / or flats. Thus please apply, and we will put you on our waiting list. A typical Ashton house is a 3 bedroom village residence, with a rent of about £950 per month.


For Sale

"Miriam Rothschild Wildflower Meadow Mix"

The famous Ashton Estate wild flower seeds are still harvested and are available for sale.

Contents: Oxe-eye daisy, Buttercup, Ryegrass, Knapweed, Cocksfoot, Meadow fescue, Rough hawkbit, Hawkbit, Tall oat grass, Knot grass, Timothy, Scarlet Pimpernel, Primrose, Greater plantain, Yellow rattle, Sorrel, Birdsfoot-trefoil, Vetch, Red clover. Also includes other random meadow species. Every packet / bag of seed is different and full of surprises.

2g = £1.00 ,10g = £5.50, 100g = £24.50, 1kg = £95.00.

All profits from these sizes go to Survive Cancer’s Sepsis Shock Clinical Trial. For more information regarding the charity go to www.canceraction.org.gg

For further details please see the About the Ashton Estate section.

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